Let’s Have an Oscar Party!

by Marion G Shaw on February 16, 2016

HollywoodEveryone loves to party, and not least of all are hairstylists.
However for us, it’s not just an excuse for a get together, but also an opportunity to learn.
Not only will you be watching the red carpet, but so also will be your clients.
Although many of our product manufacturers feel that they are the trend setters in our industry, we all know that it’s the media – film, TV, and our favourite stars who are the real trendsetters here.
For the next few weeks following the Oscars your clients will be coming in to the salon and wanting that latest greatest look that their favourite stars wore on that special night.
So it’s time to organize your salon party and get your hairstylists and make up artists on board with taking photos and notes as they have fun and watch the awards.
Once you recover from the party, put together a portfolio for the stylists with photos and notes on each great look.
So now you have all of the information – how do you get your clients involved?
Firstly, practice, practice and more practise. On each other, on friends and mannequins. You want to make sure that you have those looks “as seen on TV”.
Prepare some beautiful mannequins, name them after the appropriate stars and display them in your salon.
Do a “Red Carpet” fashion show. Invite your clients and their friends to see your “Oscars” work by holding a fashion show. Make it a charitable event and pick a charity that will appeal to your clients, to the salon and to the community. Find some “Look Alike” models and work your hair and make up magic.
Not only will this be a great promotion for your business, but also you are showing the community that you support and are involved in good work in the community.

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