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by Marion G Shaw on April 23, 2012

Cultures and image only last for so long and that goes for salons too.  What was once really cool and fashionable, and appealed to a certain market, no longer works.  So it’s now time to re-invent the wheel and rebrand.

Certain names become outdated or used too often and let’s face it, the name says a lot about your salon.  What if you purchased a salon with a name that was linked to the ex owner?  And what if that salon didn’t have the greatest reputation or the stylists didn’t like the changes and all quit.  Then it’s time to put your own stamp on your business and truly make it yours.

So where do you start?  Step number one is definitely get to know your demographics.  Most salons cater to anyone and everyone, and while you are not going to turn anyone away, you must have a certain image of the person you truly want in your chair, and hopefully that person is part of the demographics of your area.  There are numerous places to go to to get that information.  Your town or city website will have lots of information, also your local chamber of commerce or business organization.  Probably one of the best sources will be your local realtors.  After all, it’s their job to know who lives in what areas, the types of families, what their earnings are and their habits.  Also what new developments are going on in your area.

Once you have confirmed that you ideal clients actually live or shop in your area than you need to think about what those people want in the way of image, services, decor and comfort.  It’s not just about a new name, it’s about a new image. Choose a name that will appeal to your target market and say something about the salon image.  If you can think of a tag line to go with it, that’s great.

Obviously your stylists need to be on board with the changes and having them involved and excited about the process will definitely help to keep things moving in the right direction.  They need to know why changes are being made and, what’s more important, what’s in it for them.

The salon’s decor is important, color, style and lighting all add to the image you need to create, however, that is also true for your stylists.  Do they look like the type of stylists who your ideal market is going to be comfortable with.  Do they look professional, is their hair and make up in sync with your image, are their customer service skills up to par.  They really need to understand what their clientele expects and be prepared to give it to them consistently.

Think about your new mission statement, also your business cards and all of the image pieces and promotional pieces that are part of your salon and that are viewed and used by your clients.  Your new name and logo must be eye catching and pleasing to your target market.

Now, how do you let your market know you are fresh and new and here for them?  Where do they shop, where do they live and work?  What activities do they do and how can you get to them.  If you are in a residential community, get involved in community activities.  Send out flyers or postcards, by mail, using a great attention getter followed by great information and a call to action.  (The A.I.D.A. Principle.)  Get to know the local businesses who cater to those people and invite them in. (Try a business to business networking evening at the salon.)  Hold an open house and show your market who you are and what you do.

Make sure your stylists go out and meet and greet people.  They should constantly be giving out business cards – great looking, image making business cards.  Give them a quota per day to give out.  It’s all about numbers,  research shows that you will get a 10% return on this, so if you give out 10 cards per week you will get 1 new client.  That’s 50 per year and if your basic haircut price is at $50 and your clients come back every 5 weeks that is 10 visits per year and that adds up to $25,000.  Not bad for talking to a few people per week and handing them a business card.

Also make sure you are asking your ideal clients to help you build your business.  Have a great referral program that rewards your best clients for sending their friends.

If you put your thoughts behind it and get all of the elements together, your new image will be a huge success and a win win situation for you, your team and your clients.

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David Barron April 24, 2012 at 5:43 am

Ezcellent advice!
Get your passion juices flowing and be focused,
The rest should flow!
“Progress to Success”
David Barron London UK


Sheree Stehlin July 16, 2015 at 10:52 pm

I am wanting to rebrand my hair salon which i have run sucessfully for 37 years. I feel I still have a lot to offer to my staff in way of training etc. So I need to get more ideas on this rebranding etc. I will be moving location to a more central one.


Marion G Shaw July 19, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Hi Sheree, Here are a few things to think about.
What type of image do you want to create?
Who will be your target market? (Create a profile for your ideal client.)
What will that market expect as far as how services are performed and how they perceive your staff.
What training do you feel you need to do?
It will help if you involve your staff in the process of all of the above. That way, you will have them aboard with the new brand.
Think about the decor of your salon. A new logo and printed materials. (go to for this – they are fabulous and really inexpensive – they designed my book cover.) business cards – once you have the logo – go to
I am happy to help you do this. It’s a brave move, but can be very exciting, and satisfying, not to say profitable, for you. You may also want to pick up my book as there are many aspects that can help you in this. You should also write a new business plan to define your goals and the new brand you want to create.
Hope this helps,


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